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Welcome to the Homepage of the Home Affairs Bureau.

At the Home Affairs Bureau, our work is oriented towards the community and the grassroots. We are committed to serving the public with a wide range of services through our group of government departments. To feel the pulse of the public is integral to the successful delivery of our services. Please give us your views and help make our website a platform for communication. Together we will foster greater harmony in Hong Kong.

Mr TSANG Tak-sing
Mr TSANG Tak-sing
Secretary for Home Affairs

Nomination of Representatives of Arts Interests for the Hong Kong Arts Development Council


Multi-purpose Sports Complex at Kai Tak


Private Recreational Leases


Community Care Fund


Cultural Policy and Funding Support


Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme


Contestable Funding Pilot Scheme for the Major Performing Arts Groups


Cultural Exchange Programmes and Training Opportunities for Local Artists and Arts Administrators in Hong Kong


Strengthening Hong Kong's Arts and Cultural Software (PPT)


Youth Square


Culture and the Arts

Arts Development Fund (Cultural Exchange Project) - New 'Notes on Application'

"Hong Kong Culture Snapshot" Book Series (Chinese version only)

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