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Youth Development

Our policy objectives on youth development are to -

  • foster a culture of multi-faceted excellence and to provide diversified learning, training and development opportunities to young people who have different aspirations;

  • encourage young people to develop an active approach to life and a positive sense of social awareness;

  • deepen their understanding in the developments of Hong Kong and our country;

  • broaden their global perspectives; and

  • allow them to thoroughly understand their individual rights and be happy to take on social obligations.

We work closely with the Commission on Youth in implementing programmes to achieve the above objectives. The Commission currently operates the Community Participation Scheme for Organizing Exchange Tours to the Mainland and the Funding Scheme for Youth Internship in the Mainland, under which community organizations can apply for funding in organizing relevant activities and projects. It also undertakes researches and studies on matters pertaining to youth, as well as organizes international youth exchange programmes between local and overseas youth in Japan, Singapore, Ireland, etc. We encourage NGOs, schools, parents, the private sector and, above all, young people themselves to join our efforts in enabling our young people to develop their full potentials and to contribute to the development of Hong Kong.

International Youth Exchange Programme

We provide recurrent subvention to the following eleven uniformed groups and two NGOs for providing non-formal education and training programmes for young people -

Scout Association of Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association

Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps

Hong Kong Sea Cadet Corps

Hong Kong Adventure Corps

Hong Kong Red Cross

Hong Kong St. John Ambulance Brigade Youth Command

The Boys' Brigade, Hong Kong

The Girls' Brigade Hong Kong

Hong Kong Road Safety Association (Hong Kong Road Safety Patrol)

Association of Hong Kong Flag-guards

The Hong Kong Award for Young People

Agency for Volunteer Service


Youth Square

The main purpose of the Youth Square ( Hong Kong Centre for Youth Development) is to serve as a focal point for territory-wide youth development activities in Hong Kong. It would provide facilities and venues for promoting youth development and training. Please click here for more information of the Youth Square.


Multi-faceted Excellence Scholarship

Please click here for details of the Scholarship.


Funding Scheme for Youth Life Planning Activities

Please click here for details of the Funding Scheme.


Funding Scheme for International Youth Exchange (2017-18)

Please click here for details of the Funding Scheme.


Service Corps Programme

Please click here for details of the Program.

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