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Cultural Exchange

In recent years, HAB implements a series of measures to establish a wider cultural network in the Greater Pearl River Delta and with other countries:

Greater Pearl River Delta Cultural Cooperation

  • Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao cultural authorities held the First Greater Pearl River Delta Cultural Co-operation Meeting in November 2002 and signed the Agreement on Greater Pearl River Delta Cultural Cooperation in August 2003. Under the Agreement, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao would take turn to host the Meeting. Eighteen Meetings have since then be held. The 18th Greater Pearl River Delta Cultural Co-operation Meeting was held in Foshan, Guangdong Province on 1-2 June 2017. The three places have gained progress on co-operation in various areas.

  • During the meeting, the three places signed a tripartite memorandum of intention on promotion of cultural exchanges under the Belt and Road Initiative. They agreed to enhance communication and discussion, and to promote cultural exchanges and co-operation with Belt and Road countries and regions. They also discussed and concluded a memorandum of intention on youth cultural exchange to strengthen the tripartite co-operation on this front.

  • The three places have progressed on co-operation in various areas. On performing arts, following on from the successful staging of the "Cantonese Music Assembly" Cross-Disciplines Guangdong Music Concert earlier this year, the three places are planning a Cantonese music tour in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau which will bring together new generation of musicians from the three places. Exchanges among performing arts groups from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau have become increasingly frequent, and some of them have led to the start of in-depth co-operation projects since last year to enhance performing arts and training networks, build up international brands of culture, and facilitate more productions of the three places to be staged outside China.

  • On co-operation among museums, the three places will continue to organise various large-scale arts and cultural exhibitions to promote signature artworks. On training of arts and cultural talents, on-going efforts will be made to organise thematic studies and training with a view to raising the standard of public services and levels of professionalism. In the coming year, the three places will continue to strengthen co-operation in the areas of public libraries, intangible cultural heritage, and cultural and creative industries for the further development of relevant services and the cultural sector.

Mainland / Hong Kong Agreement on Closer Cultural Partnership Arrangement

In November 2005, HKSAR Government signed an Agreement on Closer Cultural Partnership Arrangement with the Ministry of Culture of the Central Government to further promote cultural exchange and cooperation with the Mainland and jointly promote the development and dissemination of Chinese culture. Meetings are held from time to time to explore concrete collaboration initiatives.

Hong Kong-Taiwan Cultural Co-operation Committee

Established in August 2010 under the Hong Kong-Taiwan Economic and Cultural Co-operation and Promotion Council, the Hong Kong-Taiwan Cultural Cooperation Committee (HKTCCC) is the Hong Kong counterpart of the cultural co-operation committee under the Taiwan-Hong Kong Economic and Cultural Co-operation Council in Taiwan. The HKTCCC aims to foster exchanges for deepening and broadening the collaboration between the two places in the development of the arts and culture and the creative industries. In August 2010, the two cultural co-operation committees held their first meeting and agreed to enhance the exchange of information on their respective arts programmes and to promote joint brand-building arts programmes. Cultural forums are held every year since 2011 to foster the exchange of views on issues of mutual concern.

Cultural Network with Other Economies

The Government has been making efforts to enhance cooperation with other countries in the field of culture and the arts through the signing of Memorandum of Understanding on Cultural Cooperation (MoU). So far, the HKSAR Government has signed MoUs with sixteen countries (including Canada, Italy, the Philippines, Egypt, Singapore, South Korea, Croatia, the Netherlands, Hungary, Vietnam, France, Israel, Russia, Austria, Ireland and Indonesia).

Arts Development Fund (Cultural Exchange Project)

In addition to the above institutional co-operation framework, the HAB is committed to supporting local arts groups to engage in outbound cultural exchanges, thus boosting Hong Kong’s standing in the world cultural map. In this regard, we welcome applications for funding support under the Arts Development Fund from arts groups and artists to facilitate their participation in representative cultural exchange events outside Hong Kong. In 2017/18, the Arts Development Fund supported 88 cultural exchange projects involving $5.03 million of grants.

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