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Culture and the Arts

6 February 2018 Secretary for Home Affairs expresses sorrow at passing of Professor Jao Tsung-i

25 January 2018 SHA meets with Shanghai Vice Mayor (with photos)

24 January 2018 SHA begins visit to Shanghai (with photos)

19 January 2018 SHA to lead cultural sector representatives to visit Shanghai

Sport and Recreation

7 February 2018 LCQ1: Allocation of swimming lanes of public swimming pools

1 February 2018 "M" Mark status awarded to Longines Masters of Hong Kong 2018

31 January 2018 LCQ1: Sites leased under private recreational leases

24 January 2018 LCQ13: Private recreational leases

20 January 2018 Major Sports Events Committee holds Workshop on Engagement in Sponsorship for Major Sports Events (with photos)

17 January 2018 SHA's speech at Opening Ceremony of Race Village of Volvo Ocean Race (English only)

10 January 2018 LCQ3: Granting authorised absence to part-time athletes for participating as a representative of Hong Kong in sporting events

8 January 2018 "M" Mark status awarded to Volvo Ocean Race - Hong Kong Stopover and Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2018

8 January 2018 Applications invited for Main Fund of Sir David Trench Fund for Recreation

5 January 2018 SHA to visit Guangzhou


31 January 2018 LCQ7: Money collection activities in public places carried out by political organisations


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