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Building Management

The policy objective of the Home Affairs Bureau is to assist property owners and tenants in fulfilling their responsibilities with respect to building management, maintenance and safety.


In 1970, the Government enacted the Multi-storey Buildings (Owners Incorporation) Ordinance (Cap. 344) to provide a legal framework for property owners to form owners' corporations (OCs) to manage their own buildings. The Ordinance was substantially revamped in 1993 and retitled as the Building Management Ordinance (BMO) to facilitate the incorporation of owners and to provide them with specific powers and responsibilities regarding management of the common parts of the buildings.

We work closely with the Home Affairs Department and in partnership with other bureaux and departments, non-governmental organizations, professional bodies and community leaders in pursuing our objectives.

We will continue our education and promotion efforts to raise public awareness of the importance of proper and effective building management. In addition, we will assist property owners to form OCs for better management of their buildings.

Building Management (Amendment) Ordinance 2007

In April 2005, we introduced the Building Management (Amendment) Bill 2005 (the Bill) and also the draft Building Management (Third Party Risks Insurance) Regulation into the Legislative Council. The Bill sought to assist OCs in performing their duties and exercising their powers, safeguard the interests of property owners, and rationalize the appointment procedures of management committees. The Bill was passed by the Legislative Council on 25 April 2007 and became the Building Management (Amendment) Ordinance 2007. The Amendment Ordinance comes into operation on 1 August 2007.

Building Management (Third Party Risks Insurance) Regulation

After consulting the Legislative Council Panel on Home Affairs in December 2008, we have decided to appoint 1 January 2011, as the commencement date of the amended section 28 of the BMO and the Building Management (Third Party Risks Insurance) Regulation.

According to the amended section 28 of the BMO, all OCs shall procure and keep in force in relation to the common parts of the building and the property of the OC a policy of third party risks insurance. The minimum insured amount of each policy shall be $10 million per event. The statutory provisions relating to the mandatory requirement for OCs to procure third party risks insurance take effect on 1 January 2011.

New requirement to declare membership eligibility of management committees of owners' corporations

To facilitate and encourage owners to participate in the management work of the management committees (MCs) of owners' corporations (OCs), the Administration has amended the relevant provisions of the Building Management Ordinance (Cap. 344) (BMO) through the Statute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Ordinance 2014 to obviate the need for taking an oath with effect from 5 January 2015.

According to the amended Ordinance, the elected MC member of a newly formed OC and those elected by way of re-election or by-election shall only lodge a "Statement of Eligibility" (L.R. 175) stating that he or she does not fall within any of the categories of the ineligible persons specified in Schedule 2 to the BMO without a statutory declaration (i.e. "an oath"). Any MC member who fails to lodge a statement within 21 days after the election shall cease to be such member.

For further information on building management, please visit the Homepage on Building Management of the Home Affairs Department.

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