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Entertainment Licensing

Our objective is to provide a business-friendly and effective regulatory regime of various types of Places of Public Entertainment , Amusement Game Centres and Amusement Rides.

Places of Public Entertainment (PPE)

Any person who keeps or uses any place for presenting or carrying on the types of entertainment specified under Schedule 1 of the Places of Public Entertainment Ordinance (Cap.172) and the general public are admitted with or without payment, are required to apply for a licence. The types of entertainment include:

  1. A concert, opera, ballet, stage performance or other musical, dramatic or theatrical entertainment

  2. A cinematograph or laser projection display

  3. A circus

  4. An exhibition of any one or more of the following, namely pictures, photographs, books, manuscripts, or other documents or other things

  5. A sporting exhibition or contest

  6. A bazaar

  7. An amusement ride within the meaning of the Amusement Rides (Safety) Ordinance (Cap.449)

The licensing functions/duties are carried out by Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) under delegated authority from Secretary for Home Affairs. The objective is to ensure public safety with regard to building, health/hygiene, fire and ventilation aspects, as well as law and order within the premises. Hence, all PPEs shall comply with the requirements set by FEHD in consultation with departments concerned such as the Buildings Department / Housing Department / Marine Department , Fire Services Department , Electrical And Mechanical Services Department and Hong Kong Police Force .

Any person who is dissatisfied with the exercise of the of the discretion of any person to whom discretionary power is given under this ordinance in respect of any matter or thing, the person may appeal to the Municipal Services Appeals Board established under Section 3 of the Municipal Services Appeals Board Ordinance (Cap. 220).

Amusement Rides

The design, installation and operation of the amusment rides shall be approved by the Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services (DEMS) under Amusement Rides (Safety) Ordinance (Cap.449). Amusement rides generally refer to a power driven device (except by human physical effort), which is connected to/used in connection with a machinery/equipment/plant, designed to be driven or ridden by member of the public primarily for amusement purposes.

Any person who is aggrieved by DEMS's decision in relation to the licensing of amusement rides may appeal to the appeal board established under Section 25 of the Amusement Rides (Safety) Ordinance (Cap. 449).

Amusement Game Centres (AGCs)

AGCs are licensed by the public officer appointed by the Secretary for Home Affairs (“appointed public officer”) under the Amusement Game Centres Ordinance (Cap.435). There are two types of AGCs, namely the adult centres for person of the age 16 or above, and children centres for persons under the age of 16.

Any person who is aggrieved by the decision of the appointed public officer in relation to the licensing matters of AGCs may appeal to the appeal board established under Section 13 of AGC Ordinance.

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