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Youth Square

Website of the Youth Square


The Youth Square is located at the junction of Chai Wan Road and Wan Tsui Road in Chai Wan (adjacent to the Chai Wan MTR station).
[Location plan] (PDF)

Estimated Capital Cost

The capital cost of the Youth Square is estimated at $750.9 million, of which $200 million is donated by the Board of Management of the Chinese Permanent Cemeteries.


The Youth Square comprises a Main Block (15 levels above the basement auditorium) and a Hostel Block (12 storeys) with a total gross floor area of about 40,000 square metres. The key facilities of the Youth Square include:
  Floor Major Facilities Gross Floor Area (GFA)* /
Main Block Basement & G/F Y Theatre 643 Persons
1/F Y Platform About 3,000m2
2/F Y Studio About 500 persons
G/F & 3/F Retail Areas About 2,620m2
4/F Cafeteria About 2,500m2
6/F Dance Studio About 380m2
5/F - 6/F Multi-purpose Areas About 4,500m2
7/F - 9/F Multi-function rooms/Offices About 7,400m2
12/F - 14/F Youth Hostel 52 Rooms
Hostel Block 1/F - 12/F Youth Hostel 96 Rooms

* Including common areas and ancillary facilities

Management and Operation

We have appointed New World Facilities Management Company Limited for the provision of management and operation services for the Youth Square. Please click here for the Notice of Award of Contract.

Management Advisory Committee

The Youth Square Management Advisory Committee was set up on January 1 2009 to advise the Government on the operation of the Youth Square.

Terms of reference

  • To advise on the overall strategy and objectives of the Youth Square;
  • To advise on the themes and contents of youth development programmes of the Youth Square;
  • To advise on the use, allocation, leasing and charging arrangements of various facilities in the Youth Square;
  • To advise on the proposed allocation and renting of premises made by the Youth Square Rental Vetting Committee;
  • To evaluate the effectiveness on the use of the Youth Square in promoting youth development programmes; and
  • To monitor the performance of the Operator of the Youth Square.

Membership List (2018)


Deputy Secretary for Home Affairs (1)

Ex-officio Members

Vice-Chairperson of the Youth Development Commission, or a representative
Chairperson of the Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education, or a representative
Representative of the Eastern District Council
Representative of the Board of Management of the Chinese Permanent Cemeteries

Non-official Members

Ms CHAN Cheuk-kwan, May
Ms CHAN Sye-min, Christina
Ms CHAN Yuk-fong, Cherry
Mr CHE Wai-hang, Allen
Mr CHUI Kai-hin, Stefan
Dr FONG Wing-ho
Mr HO Kwok-lai, Angus
Ms KONG Wing-man, Samantha
Mr POON Siu-chi
Ms TSUI Mei-ling, Meilina
Mr WONG Kai-sang
Ms WU Ching-mei, Ada
Dr YAN Wai-kiu

Official Members

Principal Assistant Secretary (Civic Affairs)1, HAB
Representative of Education Bureau
Representative of Leisure and Cultural Services Department


Chief Executive Officer (1)2, HAB

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( Members of the public who wish to be present at the meeting as audience may contact the MAC Secretariat (Tel.: 2505 0159). Seats are limited and will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. )

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Legislative Council Papers

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Thank you for visiting our webpage. If you have any comments or suggestions on the facilities and activities in the Youth Square, please contact us in either of the following ways:

By email to, or

By writing to the Secretary for Home Affairs, 13/F, West Wing, Central Government Offices, 2 Tim Mei Avenue, Tamar, Hong Kong (Fax number : (852) 2591 6002).