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Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme (ACDFS)

Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme (ACDFS)

The ACDFS is designed and implemented by the Advisory Committee on Arts Development for the purpose of strengthening the cultural software and building the capacity of the arts sector of Hong Kong. The ACDFS calls for application on an annual basis and provides funding support to innovative and impactful proposals that contribute to the objectives of:

  • capacity development of arts practitioners, arts groups, art forms and/or the arts sector
  • programme/content development
  • audience building
  • arts education

The ACDFS provides funding support for large-scale and cross-year arts and cultural initiatives and activities, covering various art forms and practices such as performing arts, visual/media arts, multi-disciplinary arts, community arts, arts education/appreciation, arts administration and arts technology. The scheme also seeks to cultivate a supportive culture for the arts in the community and to foster a tripartite partnership involving the Government, arts groups and the private sector to promote arts and cultural development in Hong Kong.

10th Round Funding Exercise of Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme

Call for Applications (Closing Date: 17 Feb 2021 (Wednesday) before 6pm)

  • Please read carefully the Guide to Application and Frequently Asked Questions before making your application.
  • Each applicant should submit one application only.
  • The successful applicant must be a legal entity capable of entering into funding agreement with the Government. For companies/groups newly established/to be established where documentary proof pertaining to the applicant’s legal status as required and specified in paragraph 4.6 of the Guide to Application is not available at the time of application, such documentary proof must be provided to the Secretariat of ACDFS before signing the Funding Agreement.

How to Apply

  • By Post/Hand
    To submit the completed application documents available below and the other supporting documents by post or by hand to the Secretariat of ACDFS.
  • Online Application
    To complete and submit the e-Form and the other supporting documents online;

Online Live Briefing Session
Date Time PowerPoint Presentation
29 December 2020 (Tuesday) 11 am
30 December 2020 (Wednesday) 11 am

The two briefing sessions have ended.

Expert Advisers of the ACDFS

Contact Us
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Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme
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