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Charitable / Trust Funds


  • 2019-20 Community Involvement Projects on Maintenance

    Submissions under the 2019-20 Community Involvement Projects on Maintenance are invited. By providing sponsorship to organisations in organising projects, we hope to enhance public awareness of the rights of maintenance payees and services available to them in the event of default payment by maintenance payers, and encourage voluntary compliance in maintenance payment by advocating the responsibilities of maintenance payers.

    The deadline for submission of proposed projects is 5 July 2019 (Friday). All projects should be completed on or before 4 January 2020 (Saturday).

    • Application and Funding Guideline (Chinese Version) (PDF)

    • Project Proposal Form (Annex A of Guidelines) (DOC)

    • Opinion Questionnaires for Participants (Annex B of Guidelines) (PDF)

    • Project Report Template (Annex C of Guidelines) (Chinese Version) (PDF)

    • Financial Report Template (Annex D of Guidelines) (Chinese Version) (PDF)

Private Columbaria Ordinance (Cap. 630)

  • Specification of Religious Ash Pagoda in Pre-cut-off Private Columbaria of Chinese Temples

    Home Affairs Bureau starts accepting applications on 30 December 2017. The applicants need to submit the completed application form (Appendix A) and sufficient copies of all the required documents to the Home Affairs Bureau. Please refer to the Application Guide for details. For more information about the Private Columbaria Ordinance, please visit the website of Private Columbaria Affairs Office (

  • Application Guide PDF
    Appendix A-Application form PDF XLSX
    (Page 11 of the application form: niches information)
    Appendix B-Register PDF
    Appendix C-Checklist of required supporting documents PDF

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