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Advisory and Statutory Bodies

15 June 2018 Recruitment under Member Self-recommendation Scheme for Youth starts today

31 October 2017 Recruitment under Pilot Member Self-recommendation Scheme for Youth starts today

18 October 2017 Transcript of remarks by SHA

13 July 2016 LCQ10: Appointment of representatives from trade unions or employee bodies to advisory and statutory bodies

29 May 2015 Appointments to Committee on the Promotion of Racial Harmony

22 January 2014 LCQ21: Appointments of non-official members to advisory and statutory bodies

11 December 2013 LCQ8: Ranks and annual salaries of secretaries to ASBs

19 June 2013 LCQ15: Proportion of women in government advisory and statutory bodies

7 November 2012 LCQ13: Appointment of non-official members of statutory or advisory bodies (PDF)

23 February 2011

LCQ15: Submission of annual reports and financial statements by public organisations (PDF)

14 July 2010 LCQ20: Enhancing women's participation in Public Sector ASBs (PDF)

28 April 2010 Government committed to enhancing women's participation in ASBs (PDF)

28 April 2010

LCQ4: Implementing gender mainstreaming and promoting gender equality (PDF)

24 February 2010

LCQ2: Appointment of Legislative Council members to ASBs (PDF)

17 June 2009 LCQ18: Appointments to advisory and statutory bodies (PDF)

1 April 2009 LCQ4: Appointing District Council members to advisory and statutory bodies (PDF)

30 January 2008

LCQ19: Governance of statutory bodies (PDF)

23 May 2007

LCQ12: Government officials appointed to governance structure of public bodies (PDF)

23 May 2007

LCQ9: Government officials' attendance at advisory and statutory bodies meetings (PDF)

9 May 2007 LCQ6: Governance of statutory bodies (PDF)

6 December 2006 LCQ9: Promotion of women's participation in advisory bodies (PDF)

18 October 2006

LCQ9: CE's power to issue instructions to statutory bodies (PDF)

22 March 2006

LCQ1: Appointed members of District Councils and Area Committees (PDF)

8 February 2006

LCQ14: Appointments to advisory or statutory bodies (PDF)

11 January 2006

LCQ9: DC members serving on advisory and statutory bodies (PDF)

14 December 2005

LCQ5: Arrangements governing the taking up of outside work by former senior staff of statutory regulatory boards and bodies (PDF)

19 Oct 2005 LCQ 6: Review of administrative management of statutory bodies (PDF)

22 June 2005 LCQ 14: Information on directorate staff of statutory bodies (PDF)

18 May 2005

LCQ15: Setting up of Internet websites by statutory and advisory bodies (PDF)

10 March 2005 Government sets up Public Affairs Forum (PDF)

26 January 2005 LCQ11: Information on statutory bodies (PDF)

5 January 2005 LCQ 10: Appointments of females to advisory and statutory bodies (PDF)


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