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Advisory and Statutory Bodies

14 December 2005

LCQ5: Arrangements governing the taking up of outside work by former senior staff of statutory regulatory boards and bodies (PDF)

19 Oct 2005 LCQ 6: Review of administrative management of statutory bodies (PDF)

22 June 2005 LCQ 14: Information on directorate staff of statutory bodies (PDF)

18 May 2005

LCQ15: Setting up of Internet websites by statutory and advisory bodies (PDF)

10 March 2005 Government sets up Public Affairs Forum (PDF)

26 January 2005 LCQ11: Information on statutory bodies (PDF)

5 January 2005 LCQ 10: Appointments of females to advisory and statutory bodies (PDF)

Culture and the Arts

12 November 2005 SHA's closing remarks at Asia Cultural Cooperation Forum (English only) (PDF)

10 November 2005 SHA's speech at the opening session of Asia Cultural Co-operation Forum (English only) (PDF)

10 November 2005 SHA's speech at Asian Cultural Ministers' Meeting of Asia Cultural Co-operation Forum (English only) (PDF)

27 October 2005 Appointments to the General Committee of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Society Limited (PDF)

10 September 2005 Joint statement on Memorandum of Understanding between HK and Hungary (PDF)

8 September 2005 Hong Kong signs MOU with Netherlands on cultural co-operation (PDF)

8 September 2005 Joint statement on Memorandum of Understanding between HK and the Netherlands (English only) (PDF)

25 August 2005 Committee on Libraries discusses the provision of library services in Tin Shui Wai (PDF)

15 June 2005 Proposed private treaty grant of former Explosives Magazine (PDF)

25 May 2005 LCQ 17: Promoting development of cultural and creative industries (PDF)

11 May 2005 LCQ1: Renovating factory buildings to develop creative arts villages (PDF)

9 May 2005 Appointment to Committee on Libraries (PDF)

6 April 2005 LCQ9: Cultural and creative industries (PDF)

31 March 2005 Appointments to Lord Wilson Heritage Trust Board of Trustees and Council (PDF)

2 March 2005 LCQ2: Development project at the former Explosives Magazine site (PDF)

31 January 2005 Government to set up Sun Yat-sen Museum (PDF)

12 January 2005 Appointments to HK Arts Development Council (PDF)

10 January 2005 Appointments to the Antiquities Advisory Board (PDF)

Civic Education

6 June 2005 HK to hold first international symposium on national education (PDF)

1 June 2005 Results of 2004 Civic Education Opinion Survey released (PDF)

18 May 2005 TV and Radio APIs on Social Harmony (PDF)

8 April 2005 Appointments to Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education (PDF)


14 December 2005

Survey Shows Gambling Rates Stay Steady (PDF)

30 November 2005 LCQ20: Combating illegal gambling activities (PDF)

30 November 2005 LCQ13: Use of Ping Wo Fund (PDF)

5 October 2005 Football Betting and Lotteries Commission meets today (PDF)

29 July 2005 Appointments to Football Betting and Lotteries Commission (PDF)

22 June 2005 LCQ13: Enforcement actions against illegal gambling activities (PDF)

6 April 2005 LCQ 18: Horse racing bets (PDF)

16 March 2005 LCQ19: Gambling among young people (PDF)

25 January 2005 One-way betting in Macau on HK horse racing approved (PDF)

Maintenance Payments

29 April 2005 Maintenance arrears to incur interest and surcharge (PDF)

Sport and Recreation

21 December 2005 LCQ8: Mini-soccer pitches (PDF)

14 December 2005 LCQ7: Cycling races (PDF)

23 November 2005 LCQ17: Fee levels of leisure and sports facilities (PDF)

21 October 2005 SHA congratulates runner Tang Yik-chun on winning bronze medal at National Games (PDF)

20 October 2005 SHA congratulates cyclist Wong Kam-po on winning second medal at National Games (PDF)

19 October 2005 LCQ9: Public participation in greeting 2008 Olympic Games (PDF)

16 October 2005 SHA congratulates cyclist Wong Kam-po on winning bronze at National Games (PDF)

11 October 2005 SHA congratulates HK cyclist on winning gold medal in National Games in BMX (PDF)

2 September 2005 SHA congratulates winning athletes (PDF)

1 September 2005 SHA praises winning athletes (PDF)

29 August 2005 Dr Patrick Ho congratulates table-tennis athletes (PDF)

15 June 2005 LCQ 20: Lifeguard services (PDF)

27 May 2005 HK and Yunnan signed sports exchange and cooperation memorandum (PDF)

25 May 2005 LCQ 10: Tai Po Swimming Pool (PDF)

6 April 2005 LCQ7: Fitness facilities for the elderly (PDF)

31 March 2005 Appointments to committees under Sports Commission (PDF)

30 March 2005 Appointments to Hong Kong Sports Institute Limited (PDF)

3 January 2005 Government sets up Sports Commission (PDF)

Youth Development

29 April 2005 Submissions invited for Youth Forum Logo Design Competition (PDF)

11 April 2005 Appointments to Commission on Youth (PDF)

9 March 2005 LCQ11: Developing Multiple Intelligence Among Young People (PDF)


21 December 2005 LCQ9: Hiring of venues in community halls and community centres (PDF)

21 December 2005 LCQ5: Broadcasting of Chief Executive's televised statement (PDF)

7 December 2005 LCQ5: Public consultations and opinion polls (PDF)

30 November 2005 LCQ5: Ex-Municipal Council projects (PDF)

27 April 2005 LC: Building Management (Amendment) Bill (PDF)

14 April 2005 LC: Speech by SHA at Special Finance Committee meeting (PDF)

26 January 2005 LCQ 26: Community development services (PDF)

26 January 2005 LCQ10: Support and measures to eliminate discrimination against new arrivals from the Mainland (PDF)

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