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Advisory and Statutory Bodies

6 December 2006 LCQ9: Promotion of women's participation in advisory bodies (PDF)

18 October 2006

LCQ9: CE's power to issue instructions to statutory bodies (PDF)

22 March 2006

LCQ1: Appointed members of District Councils and Area Committees (PDF)

8 February 2006

LCQ14: Appointments to advisory or statutory bodies (PDF)

11 January 2006

LCQ9: DC members serving on advisory and statutory bodies (PDF)

Culture and the Arts

22 December 2006 Appointments to the Council of HK Academy for Performing Arts (PDF)

13 December 2006 LCQ11: Display of train compartment (PDF)

6 December 2006 LCQ14: Rating of historical buildings (PDF)

6 December 2006

LCQ13: Statutory monuments and historical buildings (PDF)

20 November 2006 Appointment to the Committee on Performing Arts and Funding Committee for the Performing Arts (PDF)

15 November 2006 LCQ17: World Heritage List (PDF)

9 November 2006 Joint statement on signing of MoU on cultural co-operation between HK and Vietnam (PDF)

8 November 2006 LCQ6: Street performance (PDF)

7 November 2006 Appointments to Hong Kong Philharmonic Society Board of Governors (PDF)

1 November 2006 LCQ7: Leisure and cultural services projects of former Municipal Councils (PDF)

27 October 2006 Proposed admission fees for Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum gazetted today (PDF)

22 September 2006 Arts re-appointments announced (PDF)

13 August 2006 SHA congratulates Hong Kong young pianist (PDF)

28 June 2006 LCQ8: Promoting development of Cantonese opera (PDF)

16 June 2006

Government accepts proposals to boost performing arts (PDF)

7 June 2006

LCQ6: Opening hours of public libraries (PDF)

24 May 2006 LCQ20: Performance venues for Cantonese opera (PDF)

5 May 2006 Appointments to a new term of the Cantonese Opera Advisory Committee (PDF)

26 April 2006 LCQ6: Built heritage conservation policy (PDF)

6 April 2006

Appointment of committee and advisers on facilities for West Kowloon Cultural District (PDF)

23 March 2006 Appointment to the Board of Governors of the Hong Kong Arts Centre (PDF)

22 February 2006 SHA's transcript on West Kowloon Cultural District Development (PDF)

27 January 2006 "My Heart, My Home" receives overwhelming response (PDF)

11 January 2006 LCQ14: Acoustics of LCSD performance venues (PDF)

Civic Education

27 November 2006 2007 "Hong Kong Story" Calendar available free of charge (PDF)

15 August 2006 Daniel Heung resigns CPCE chairmanship (PDF)

19 April 2006 Appointments to Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education (PDF)

25 March 2006 Epidemic Prevention is Everybody's Business (PDF)

District Council

28 September 2006 Exco endorses implementation of DC review recommendations (PDF)

31 July 2006 District Council review consultation ends (PDF)

23 July 2006 DC Review consultation ends this month (PDF)

29 June 2006 Government's review supported by District Councils (PDF)

7 May 2006 SHA's speech in Radio 3's "Letter to Hong Kong" (English only) (PDF)

27 April 2006 Enhancing work in districts through strengthening District Councils (PDF)


28 August 2006 Horse race betting licence issued to HKJC (PDF)

28 June 2006 LCQ3: Soccer betting activities (PDF)

26 April 2006 LC: Betting Duty (Amendment) Bill 2006 (PDF)

7 April 2006 Duty system for horse race betting to be reformed (PDF)

10 March 2006 Appeal Board under Betting Duty Ordinance appointed (PDF)

Sport and Recreation

15 December 2006 SHA praises Hong Kong delegation for record achievements in Asian Games (PDF)

15 December 2006 SHA congratulates squash team on winning silver in Asian Games (PDF)

14 December 2006 SHA congratulates HK delegation on winning medals in Asian Games (PDF)

13 December 2006 SHA congratulates HK teams on winning medals in Asian Games (PDF)

13 December 2006 LCQ2: Cheung Sha Beach (PDF)

12 December 2006 SHA congratulates fencing team on winning bronze (PDF)

11 December 2006 SHA congratulates windsurfing athletes for winning medals (PDF)

9 December 2006 SHA congratulates Asian Games medal winners (PDF)

9 December 2006 SHA congratulates Chan for winning gold (PDF)

8 December 2006 SHA congratulates HK athletes on winning another silver in Asian Games (PDF)

7 December 2006 SHA congratulates HK rowing and table-tennis teams on winning medals in Asian Games (PDF)

7 December 2006 HKSAR team grabs four more medals in Asian Games (PDF)

6 December 2006 SHA congratulates HK snooker team for winning Asian Games silver medal (PDF)

4 December 2006 SHA congratulates swim team on Asian Games bronze medal (PDF)

3 December 2006 SHA congratulates Wong Kam-po on winning first gold medal in Doha Asian Games for HK (PDF)

3 December 2006 SHA congratulates HK athletes for winning Asian Games medals (PDF)

5 September 2006 SHA congratulates Nelson Yip on qualifying for Paralympic equestrian events (PDF)

31 August 2006

Equestrian events arrangement document signed (PDF)

4 August 2006 HK marks two-year countdown to Beijing 2008 Olympic Games (PDF)

21 June 2006 LCQ7: Safety guidelines for staff on duty at swimming pools and beaches (PDF)

8 March 2006 LCQ7: Bringing dogs into pleasure grounds (PDF)

14 February 2006 SHA expresses condolences to family of marathon participant (PDF)

14 January 2006 SHA to lead Sports Commission on study tour to Australia (PDF)

Youth Development

28 June 2006 LCQ7: District youth forums (PDF)

25 April 2006 Appointments to Commission on Youth (PDF)


20 December 2006

LCQ4: Village roads (PDF)

20 December 2006

LCQ11: Sauna rooms of clubhouses (PDF)

13 December 2006

LCQ7: Minor works programmes (PDF)

6 December 2006

LCQ16: Clansmen associations (PDF)

29 November 2006

LCQ7: Leisure and cultural services facilities in rural areas (PDF)

22 November 2006

LCQ7: Regulation of various professions and industries (PDF)

21 November 2006

SHA's speech at Construction Industry Institute - HK 2006 Conference (English only) (PDF)

8 November 2006

LCQ20: Free provision of air conditioning for venues in community halls/community centres (PDF)

1 November 2006

LCQ7: Leisure and cultural services projects of former Municipal Councils (PDF)

20 June 2006

Home Affairs' services extended on weekdays (PDF)

14 June 2006

LCQ3: Amateur Chinese opera performances at Tuen Mun Park (PDF)

24 May 2006

LCQ9: District Councils' Role and functions (PDF)

3 May 2006

LCQ10: Traffic arrangements for access to Junk Bay Chinese Permanent Cemetery (PDF)

3 May 2006

LCQ9: Village lights (PDF)

26 April 2006

LCQ9: Leisure and cultural projects of former Provisional Municipal Councils (PDF)

26 April 2006

LCQ8: Measures to enhance role and functions of District Councils (PDF)

26 April 2006

LCQ7: Funding provisions allocated to District Council (PDF)

4 April 2006 Statement by Secretary for Home Affairs on death of Sai Kung District Council member (PDF)

22 March 2006 LCQ11: Hiring of venues in community centres and community halls (PDF)

1 March 2006 LCQ8: Role and functions of District Councils (PDF)

22 February 2006

LCQ 8: Regulation of contents of advertisements (PDF)

15 February 2006 LCQ17: Supervision of the hanging and removal of lighting decorations (PDF)

15 February 2006

LCQ7: Outstanding projects of the former Municipal Councils (PDF)

10 February 2006 Support services for estate beneficiaries (PDF)

8 February 2006

LCQ9: Training programmes for District Council members (PDF)

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