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Advisory and Statutory Bodies

23 May 2007

LCQ12: Government officials appointed to governance structure of public bodies (PDF)

23 May 2007

LCQ9: Government officials' attendance at advisory and statutory bodies meetings (PDF)

9 May 2007 LCQ6: Governance of statutory bodies (PDF)

Culture and the Arts

26 December 2007 Appointments to the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (PDF)

24 December 2007 Appointments to the Council of HK Academy for Performing Arts (PDF)

20 December 2007 Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs visits Beijing (PDF)

18 December 2007 Hong Kong Young Talent Cantonese Opera Troupe gets three year grant (PDF)

12 December 2007 Public engagement exercise on WKCD closes (PDF)

11 December 2007 HAB statement (PDF)

29 November 2007 Public engagement exercise on WKCD project to end next month (PDF)

7 November 2007 LCQ7: Intangible cultural heritage (PDF)

30 October 2007 PSHA' s speech at the Civic Debate on Culture and Cultural Facilities (English only) (PDF)

19 October 2007 PSHA's speech at the opening ceremony of Mediterranean Arts Festival (PDF)

18 October 2007 HAB congratulates young Hong Kong conductor (PDF)

17 October 2007 LCQ12: Provision of Internet workstations and computer facilities at public libraries (PDF)

1 October 2007 Voter turnout rate reached 26.12% for the HKADC nomination exercise (PDF)

26 September 2007 Plea to voters in HK Arts Development Council nomination exercise (PDF)

12 September 2007 Recommendation report of the Consultative Committee on the Core Arts and Cultural Facilities of the West Kowloon Cultural District (PDF)

11 September 2007 Candidate forum for the HKADC nomination exercise on Saturday (PDF)

3 September 2007 SHA meets the 10 Major Performing Arts Groups (PDF)

2 September 2007 25 valid nominations received for the Hong Kong Arts Development Council nomination exercise (PDF)

13 August 2007 Arts professionals urged to stand for nomination in the HKADC exercise (PDF)

10 August 2007 Appointments to Executive Committee of Cantonese Opera Development Fund (PDF)

1 August 2007 Appointments to the Advisory Committee of the Cantonese Opera Development Fund (PDF)

23 July 2007 'ArtSIA Calendar' website to promote major Asian arts events (PDF)

21 July 2007 Asia Cultural Co-operation Forum 2007 starts tomorrow (PDF)

28 June 2007 Arts community urged to register as HKADC nomination exercise voters (PDF)

30 May 2007 LCQ5: Cultural heritage tourism (PDF)

30 May 2007

Government accepts proposals to improve public museum services (PDF)

28 May 2007 Arts organisations and arts workers urged to register (PDF)

25 May 2007

Committee on Libraries submits proposals to enhance public library services (PDF)

23 May 2007 SHA's speaking points on preservation of Queen's Pier (PDF)

23 May 2007 Government decides not to declare Queen's Pier a monument (PDF)

16 May 2007

LCQ19: Grading assessment of antiquities and monuments (PDF)

16 May 2007 LCQ10: Lee Tat Bridge in Shui Tsan Tin Tsuen, Pat Heung (PDF)

2 May 2007 Launch of 2007 nomination exercise for HK Arts Development Council tomorrow (PDF)

20 April 2007 Building at 128 Pok Fu Lam Road declared as proposed monument (PDF)

18 April 2007 LCQ1: Yau Ma Tei Theatre (PDF)

30 March 2007 HK Jockey Club Music and Dance Fund Board of Trustees appointments (PDF)

30 March 2007 Appointments to Lord Wilson Heritage Trust Board of Trustees and Council (PDF)

21 March 2007 SHA welcomes new Cantonese opera association (PDF)

2 February 2007

Open forums to gauge public views on built heritage conservation policy (PDF)

31 January 2007

LCQ12: Funding support to arts organisations (PDF)

8 January 2007 Appointments to Antiquities Advisory Board (PDF)

Civic Education

30 November 2007 Free 2008 "United in the Olympic Spirit" calendar available (PDF)

23 November 2007 Seminar to hear how corporate citizenship boosts business (PDF)

12 November 2007 Results announced of survey on corporate citizenship in Hong Kong (PDF)

26 March 2007 Appointments to Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education (PDF)

7 February 2007 Basic Law Drama Competition finals tomorrow (PDF)

District Council Review

18 September 2007 District Councils prepare for review recommendations (PDF)

Family Council

14 December 2007 First meeting of the Family Council convened today (PDF)

5 December 2007

LCQ5: Family Council (PDF)

3 December 2007 Government announces appointments to Family Council (PDF)

Legal Aid

12 December 2007

LC: Speech by SHA in moving resolution on Legal Aid Ordinance (PDF)


17 October 2007 LCQ14: Mechanism for regulating betting and lottery business (PDF)

17 October 2007 LCQ13: Underage family members of racehorse owners entering racecourses at race meetings (PDF)

10 September 2007 Appointments to Ping Wo Fund Advisory Committee (PDF)

29 June 2007 One-way betting in the United States on HK horse racing approved (PDF)

1 February 2007 Two more centres to help gamblers (PDF)

Maintenance Payments

13 June 2007 Government to introduce AIO Bill 2007 (PDF)

Social Enterprise

20 December 2007 Summit on Social Enterprise explores the way forward for SE (PDF)

22 November 2007 Business sector encouraged to participate in social enterprise projects (PDF)

31 October 2007 LCQ3: Social enterprise (PDF)

Sport and Recreation

17 December 2007 PSHA's speech at the Samsung's Anycall Olympic Showcase Grand Opening (PDF)

1 December 2007 Festive lighting in Sha Tin promotes Olympic Games (PDF)

28 November 2007 PSHA's speech at the Athletes' Career Programme horse-racing dinner (English only) (PDF)

11 November 2007 PSHA's speech at the Oxfam Trailwalker 2007 Closing Ceremony cum 300-day countdown to the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games (PDF)

11 November 2007 300-day Countdown to Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games (PDF)

4 November 2007 PSHA's speech at the Equestrian Pavilion (PDF)

24 October 2007 LCQ18: Hong Kong Marathon (PDF)

22 October 2007 IOC and BOCOG delegation visits Olympic equestrian facilities (PDF)

22 October 2007 SHA congratulates Hong Kong athletes (PDF)

21 October 2007 IOC and BOCOG delegation sees Olympic city dressed-up in harbour cruise (PDF)

13 October 2007 300-day countdown to the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games (PDF)

12 October 2007 Joining hands to promote Olympic spirit (PDF)

2 September 2007 Government committed to promoting 2008 Beijing Olympics (PDF)

25 August 2007 Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs to visit Qingdao (PDF)

8 August 2007 TV variety show to mark one-year countdown to Beijing Olympics (PDF)

4 July 2007 LCQ16: Central air-conditioning systems in games hall complexes and public libraries (PDF)

30 June 2007 State Councillor officiates at Giant Pandas Gift Presentation Ceremony (PDF)

20 June 2007 LCQ11: District Football Teams Training Scheme (PDF)

7 June 2007 Donation of Prize Money by Horse Owners (PDF)

23 May 2007

LCQ20: Facilities at recreation venues (PDF)

26 April 2007

Smooth arrival of giant pandas "Le Le" and "Ying Ying" in Hong Kong (PDF)

22 April 2007 Delegation led by State Forestry Administration will arrive at HK (PDF)

16 April 2007 SHA witnesses the signing of an agreement on giant pandas (PDF)

31 March 2007 SHA congratulates cyclist Wong Kam-po on winning Track Cycling World Championship (PDF)

28 March 2007 Recruitment of HK volunteers for Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games (PDF)

31 January 2007

LCQ17: Marathon race (PDF)

24 January 2007

LCQ8: Leisure and cultural services facilities in rural areas (PDF)

24 January 2007 Gov't sets up Beijing Olympic Equestrian Events HK Fund (PDF)

17 January 2007

LCQ10: Arrangements of public swimming pools in winter (PDF)

10 January 2007

Preparatory work to receive new pair of giant pandas already under way (PDF)

10 January 2007 LCQ16: West Kowloon waterfront promenade (PDF)

Youth Development

26 March 2007 Commission on Youth chairman appointed (PDF)


5 December 2007 LCQ14: Operation of Mutual Aid Committees (PDF)

28 November 2007 LCQ17: Subsidies for mutual aid committees in public housing estates (PDF)

28 November 2007

LCQ12:10th anniversary of re-unification activities (PDF)

28 November 2007 LCQ11:10th anniversary of re-unification souvenirs (PDF)

31 October 2007 LCQ16: Facilities in community centres (PDF)

31 October 2007

LCQ5: Appointed members of District Councils (PDF)

24 October 2007 LCQ4: Internet computer services centres (PDF)

24 October 2007 LCQ1: Cubicle apartments (PDF)

27 July 2007 Appointments to Betting and Lotteries Commission (PDF)

4 July 2007 LCQ18: Ticket scalping activity (PDF)

29 June 2007


Celebration events to mark HKSAR's 10th Anniversary (PDF)

20 June 2007

LCQ2: Public consultation (PDF)

13 June 2007


LCQ11: Outdoor activities in celebration of HKSAR 10th Anniversary (PDF)

22 May 2007


Statement by Secretary for Home Affairs on death of Sai Kung District Council member (PDF)

16 May 2007


LCQ18: Illegal parking of bicycles and trolleys (PDF)

25 April 2007 LCQ20: Private streets (PDF)

30 March 2007 Celebrations for HKSAR 10th Anniversary rolled out (PDF)

28 March 2007 LCQ12: Noise-related nuisance made by users of holiday flats (PDF)

14 March 2007 LCQ11: Tree at Hang Ha Po (PDF)

14 March 2007

LCQ18: Used clothes collection cages (PDF)

2 February 2007

Concerted efforts to make Hong Kong a healthy and safe city (PDF)

31 January 2007

LCQ7: Leisure and cultural services priority projects (PDF)

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