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District Council

8 September 2018 SHA and DC chairmen and vice chairmen continue to visit Guangdong-HK-Macao Greater Bay Area (with photos)

7 September 2018 SHA and DC chairmen and vice chairmen start visit to Guangdong-HK-Macao Greater Bay Area (with photos)

22 July 2018 Opening ceremony of "Improvement Works at Silvermine Bay Beach, Mui Wo, Lantau Island" under Islands District Signature Project Scheme held today (with photos)

29 November 2017 LCQ20: District administration

12 July 2016 HAB and HAD deeply regret insufficient time for deliberation on the funding proposal of SPS projects in Kwun Tong, Wan Chai and Tai Po districts by LegCo's FC

3 February 2016 LCQ4: Implementation of district-level projects

14 October 2015 LCQ19: Accountable Operating Expenses Reimbursement for members of District Councils

25 March 2015 LCQ20: Communication between District Councils and Heads of Government Departments

25 March 2015 LCQ10: System of declaration of interests for District Councils

26 March 2014 LCQ12: Arrangements for District Council meetings

11 January 2014 Delegation of DC chairmen and vice chairmen continue visit to Beijing and Tianjin (with photos)

10 January 2014 Delegation of DC chairmen and vice chairmen starts visit to Beijing (with photos)

31 July 2013 Appointment to Independent Commission on Remuneration for Members of the District Councils of the HKSAR

10 April 2013 SHA's speaking notes tabled at LegCo Finance Committee special meeting

14 November 2012 LCQ2: Remuneration package for District Council members (PDF)

25 March 2011 SHA's opening remarks at LegCo Special Finance Committee meeting (PDF)

15 December 2010 LCQ19: District Council District Minor Works (PDF)

28 September 2010 District Council chairmen continue visit to Taichung (PDF)

27 September 2010 District Council Chairmen's visit starts in Taipei (PDF)

24 September 2010 District Council Chairmen to visit Taiwan (PDF)

12 May 2010 LCQ19: Attendance of public officers at DC meetings (PDF)

12 May 2010 LCQ17: Support for DC members (PDF)

5 May 2010 LCQ15: Remuneration package for DC members (PDF)

13 March 2009 SHA officiates at opening of Sai Kung New Public Pier (with photos) (PDF)

10 December 2008 LCQ13: District Minor Works under District Council (PDF)

21 May 2008 LCQ20: Appointed District Council Member (PDF)

10 May 2008 SHA speaks on district administration (PDF)

10 May 2008 Summit strengthens interaction between Government and District Councils (PDF)

20 February 2008 LCQ12: District Council members' remuneration package (PDF)

18 September 2007 District Councils prepare for review recommendations (PDF)

28 September 2006 Exco endorses implementation of DC review recommendations (PDF)

31 July 2006 District Council review consultation ends (PDF)

23 July 2006 DC Review consultation ends this month (PDF)

29 June 2006 Government's review supported by District Councils (PDF)

7 May 2006 SHA's speech in Radio 3's "Letter to Hong Kong" (English only) (PDF)

27 April 2006 Enhancing work in districts through strengthening District Councils (PDF)


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