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Hong Kong Arts Development Council

Appointed by the Chief Executive under the Hong Kong Arts Development Council Ordinance, Chapter 472

Enquiry : Home Affairs Bureau
12/F, West Wing,
Central Government Offices,
2 Tim Mei Avenue,
Tamar, Hong Kong
Telephone : 3509 8056
Official website:


Dr Wilfred WONG Ying-wai, GBS, JP


Dr Frankie YEUNG Wai-shing, BBS, MH, JP


Mr Chris CHAN Kam-shing

Ms Sylvia CHAN May-kuen, MH

Mr Sunny CHAN Wing-san

Ms Winnie CHIU Wing-kwan, JP

Mr CHOW Pok-yin

Mr Kenneth FOK Kai-kong, JP

Mr Andy HEI Kao-chiang

Mr KWONG Wai-lap

Ms LAM Lit-kwan

Ms LAU Wai-ming

Mr LEE Chun-leung

Dr LO Wai-luk

Dr Johnny NG Kit-chong, MH

Mr NG Sui-wan (NG Yu), BBS

Mr PONG Kin-yee, JP

Professor POON Wai-sum

Mr Patrick TONG Hing-chi

Mr WU Chun-him

Mr YAN Pat-to

Mr Vigo YAU Ah-kwai

Mr Daniel YEUNG Chun-kong

Mr Paul YEUNG Kwok-leung

Secretary for Home Affairs or his representative

Permanent Secretary for Education or his representative

Director of Leisure and Cultural Services or his representative

Secretary : Ms Winsome CHOW
Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council
(Telephone: 2820 1012)

Terms of Reference

The Members of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (the Council) are the governing body of the Council and, in the name of the Council, manage the affairs of the Council and exercise the powers conferred on the Council under the Hong Kong Arts Development Council Ordinance, Chapter 472.

Description of Job:

The Council was established in April 1994. It became an independent statutory body in June 1995 when the Hong Kong Arts Development Council Ordinance was enacted. The Council consists of not more than 27 members. Not more than 10 of them are representatives of specified arts interests. The mission of the Council is to plan, promote and support the broad development of arts including dance, drama, literary, music, xiqu, film and visual arts as well as arts education in Hong Kong. The Council discharges its functions and duties through its Administrative Office.

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