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Council of Lord Wilson Heritage Trust

Appointed by the Chief Executive under the Lord Wilson Heritage Trust Ordinance, Chapter 425. The composition of the Council from now up to 31 March 2021 is as follows:
Prof HO Pui-yin
Non-official members  
Ms AU YEUNG Wai-yin
Prof CHAN Ching, Selina
Mr CHOW Bok-hin, Felix
Prof LEE Kam-keung
Mr LI Sai-wing
Prof MAK King-sang
Director of Architectural Services or his representative
Secretary for Education or his representative
Deputy Secretary for Home Affairs or his representative (Ex Officio)
Secretary: Miss Sheila WONG
Chief Executive Officer (Culture) 2A, Home Affairs Bureau
(Telephone : 3509 8081)

Enquiry : Ms Maggie TAM
Home Affairs Bureau, 13/F, West Wing, Central Government Offices
2 Tim Mei Avenue
Tamar, Hong Kong
Telephone : 3509 8061
Website :

Terms of reference

The Council is concerned with the execution of the decisions of the Board of Trustees (the Board) of the Lord Wilson Heritage Trust (the Trust) and the implementation of activities for promoting heritage preservation and conservation in Hong Kong.

Description of job

The Trust was established in December 1992 following the enactment of the Lord Wilson Heritage Trust Ordinance, Chapter 425. The Trust aims to preserve and conserve the human heritage of Hong Kong by organizing activities and providing funding support to assist community organizations and individuals to undertake heritage related activities and research projects. These activities and projects include identification, restoration and refurbishment of relics, antiquities and monuments, as well as organizing of educational and publicity programmes on heritage preservation. Activities are undertaken by the Council to promote the objects of the Trust within the financial and policy parameters set by the Board.

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