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Commission on Youth

Appointed by the Secretary for Home Affairs

Enquiry :

Commission on Youth Secretariat,
13/F, West Wing, Central Government Offices, 2 Tim Mei Avenue, Tamar, Hong Kong

Telephone :

3509 7035

Official website :

Membership List (2017-18)


Mr LAU Ming-wai, GBS, JP

Non-official members

Miss MAK Yin-mei
Mr FOK Kai-kong, Kenneth, JP
Mr SIU King-wai, Kyrus
Mr CHENG Chung-man
Mr TAM Wing-fun, Eric, MH
Mr CHAN Pok-chi, Jonathan
Mr LEE Ka-shing, Martin, JP
Mr CHEUNG Yun-hang, Stanley, MH
Mr FAN Hoi-kit, Alex
Mr KWOK Wing-leung, Andy
Dr. TO Siu-ming
Dr YAN Wai-kiu, MH
Mr Vivek Ashok MAHBUBANI
Miss TSE Hiu-hung, Ashley
Dr WONG Chung-leung, JP
Mr TOU Yat-lung, Alex
Mr LEUNG Yuk-wai, Kenneth
Mr PANG Tsz-kit, Gabriel
Mr YIU Kwok-wai
Miss LAM Lam, Nixie
Dr WONG Kwai-yau, MH
Mr CHOI Tak-shing, Stanley
Mr TSUI Siu-lung, James
Dr LAM Ho-yi, Evelyn
Ms CHAN Sin-man
Mr CHAN Ho-ting, Mac
Mr LI Tsz-shu, James
Mr MA Tak-yan, Duncan
Miss FUNG Po-yi

Government Representatives:

Representative of Home Affairs Bureau
Representative of Education Bureau
Representative of Labour and Welfare Bureau
Representative of Security Bureau
Representative of Home Affairs Department Headquarters

Secretary : Home Affairs Bureau

Terms of reference
a. To advise the Chief Executive on matters pertaining to youth.
b. To exchange ideas and information with other Government advisory bodies on youth matters with a view to ensuring that interests of young people are taken into account in the design of relevant service programmes.
c. To encourage better cooperation between Government departments, voluntary agencies, district organisations and private organisations involved in youth service provision.
d. To gather information and initiate research on matters pertaining to youth.
e. To act as a focal liaison point with other international youth organisations, and to promote opportunities for the young people of Hong Kong to acquire international experience and exposure.
f. To enhance the civic awareness of young people and their participation in community affairs.
g. To promote leadership training for young people.

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